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Blue Ribbon Canning

Blue Ribbon Canning takes you on a canning journey and celebrates two American traditions -- preserved foods and state and county fairs -- with more than 140 prize-winning recipes for jams, preserves, pickles, vegetables, fruit, and more, plus tips and methods for making delicious blue ribbon preserves at home. Every recipe is a blue ribbon winner! Along with the recipes, some of America’s best canners are featured in profiles sharing their personal canning stories. A practical reference section on up-to-date methods and techniques for canning provides a solid foundation for both novice and seasoned canners.

Canning and canning competitions are wonderful and delicious food traditions enjoyed and treasured by many generations. State, county, regional, and community fairs are woven into the fabric of our national heritage. As canners, we are all tied together into one community through our love of canning, the thrill of competing at fairs, and the joy of sharing our canning creations with family and friends.

Behind every blue ribbon and special award earned at a fair is a skillful home canner with a unique and engaging story. Throughout these pages, you will take an award-winning recipe tour of the country, experience the joys of canning, and meet many amazing and talented blue ribbon winners.

You will visit with individuals, husbands and wives, multi-generations of canners in one family, and young canners who are rising stars in the youth canning divisions. From rural canners to those who live on small family farms or have large gardens to urban canners living in midsize towns and big cities, they are all here. You will also meet inspiring people who have overcome personal challenges to pursue their interest in canning and competing at fairs. Along with their delicious blue ribbon recipes, you will get to know each canner and share in their personal love-of-canning story.

I had such a delightful time getting to know all of these remarkable canners and I know you will, too. So turn the pages and join us in the kitchen on our canning journey. You’ll meet some great people and have a lot of fun along the way. Let’s get canning!