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Blue Ribbon Baking


Filled with over 200 award-winning recipes, Blue Ribbon Baking is the ultimate guide to all things pastry! Whether you are a home cook or a competitive baker, these mouth-watering recipes will take your desserts and breads to the next level. Easy-to-follow recipes are accompanied by thorough explanations of the techniques required to make each type of baked good. For those planning on entering a state or county fair competition, author Linda J. Amendt reveals how the judging process works and shares her insider secrets on how to win the top awards.

Blue Ribbon Baking is an indispensable resource for anyone who loves to bake and has ever considered competing! Easy-to-follow instructions, carefully explained techniques, and lists of essential tools and ingredients combine to create everything you need for baking victory.

From cakes to pies, quick breads to sweet rolls, muffins to biscuits, coffee cakes to scones, cookies to yeast breads – you will find the perfect dish to round out any meal. Each recipe chapter introduces a different type of baked good, explains the preparation techniques involved, expands upon an essential baking principle, and explores new and unique flavor combinations.

Detailed chapters on Baking Ingredients; Baking Pans, Equipment, and Tools; and Blue Ribbon Baking Techniques provides bakers of all skill levels with the information they need to create baked goods with award-winning quality to serve to their family and friends.

Linda J. Amendt provides a comprehensive view of the fair competition circuit and dedicates an entire chapter to the ins and outs of competing—judging standards, rules of exhibition, types of awards, and an entry checklist and timeline. The insider secrets from this veteran take you step by step through her recipe for success.