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Linda J. Amendt


Following years as a highly successful exhibitor in food competitions at state and county fairs throughout the country, where she won numerous special awards for her exquisite baked goods and tantalizing preserved foods, blue ribbon baking and home canning authority Linda J. Amendt has turned her talents in a new direction to share her expertise, competitive experience, and award-winning recipes with others.



Blue Ribbon Baking

Every Recipe a Blue Ribbon or Special Contest Winner!

Blue Ribbon Baking presents 200 of award-winning baker Linda Amendt's best baking recipes. From cakes to pies, quick breads to sweet rolls, muffins to biscuits, coffee cakes to scones, cookies to yeast breads – you will find the perfect dish to round out any meal. Each recipe chapter introduces a different type of baked good, explains the preparation techniques involved, expands upon an essential baking principle, and explores new and unique flavor combinations. Detailed chapters on Baking Ingredients; Baking Pans, Equipment, and Tools; and Blue Ribbon Baking Techniques provides bakers of all skill levels with the information they need to create baked goods with award-winning quality to serve to their family and friends.



Praise for Blue Ribbon Baking

“Whether you’re an aspiring home baker seeking to impress family and friends or a seasoned baker looking for your own blue ribbon awards, every baking enthusiast will enjoy this collection. . . .” Cathy Bianchi, owner of Gimmie Cake Too!

Blue Ribbon Baking is the competitor’s handbook to understanding the unique processes and judging at a county or state fair. A baker’s guide to win.” Reneé Weir-Fontes, Orange County Fair culinary coordinator and cookbook author

“In the over fifteen years I have judged entries in the California State Fair, none have equaled the flavor and level of excellence of the entries of Linda J. Amendt. Her careful crafting of each product showed the same level of dedication season after fair season.” Iris J. Dimond, California State Fair judge and Family Consumer Science Professor



Blue Ribbon Canning

Award-Winning Recipes
Jams, Preserves, Pickles, Spreads, Sauces & More


Blue Ribbon Canning takes you on a canning journey and celebrates two American traditions--preserved foods and state and county fairs--with more than 140 prize-winning recipes for jams, preserves, pickles, vegetables, fruit, and more, plus tips and methods for making delicious blue ribbon preserves at home. Every recipe is a blue ribbon winner! Along with the recipes, some of America’s best canners are featured in profiles sharing their personal canning stories. A practical reference section on up-to-date methods and techniques for canning provides a solid foundation for both novice and seasoned canners.



Gluten-Free, Breakfast,
Brunch & Beyond

Breads & Cakes * Muffins & Scones * Pancakes,
Waffles & French Toast * Quiches * and More


Linda J. Amendt's newest cookbook, Gluten-Free, Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond: Breads & Cakes * Muffins & Scones * Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast * Quiches * and More was recently released and is now available at independent bookstore, major book retailers, online booksellers, and everywhere new books are sold.



Accolades for Gluten-Free
Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond

Mom's Choice Awards
Gold Medal Award Winner - Cooking, Food & Wine


London Book Festival
Winner - Cookbooks

Linda Amendt's fourth cookbook, Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond : Breads & Cakes * Muffins & Scones * Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast * Quiches * and More, earned the top cookbook honor at the 2014 London Book Festival.

Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond is filled with delightful recipes and detailed chapters on ingredients, equipment, and baking techniques to bring breakfast back to the gluten-free table for the whole family.



Mimi's Meaningful Muffin

Grand Prize Winning Muffin!

Pineapple Coconut Crumb Muffins

Linda Amendt is delighted that her Pineapple Coconut Crumb Muffins were chosen as the Grand Prize Winner in the Mimi's Cafe restaurant Mimi's Meaningful Muffin Search. Over 1,500 muffin recipes were entered into the contest, which commemorated the 30th Birthday of Mimi's Cafe.

Her award-winning muffin was added to the menu as a Seasonal Feature and served in all 144 Mimi's Cafe restaurants across the United States.


For each of Linda Amendt's grand prize winning muffins sold during the promotional feature, Mimi's Cafe generously donated $1.00 to Share Our Strength, raising $40,000 to help end childhood hunger in America.



LA Times Best Cookies

Linda Amendt's

Cranberry Orange Pockets

Chosen as one of the Best Cookies of 2012
by the Los Angeles Times

Cranberry Orange Pockets



Accolades for
400 Sensational Cookies

Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon
International Culinary Academy Awards
Winner - Best Baking Book

Mom's Choice Awards
Gold Medal Award Winner - Cooking, Food & Wine

International Book Awards
Winner – Baking/Bread Book
Winner – Desserts Book

National Best Books Awards
Winner - Baking/Bread
Winner – Desserts Book

London Book Festival
Winner - Cookbooks

New York Book Festival
Winner - Best Cookbook

Los Angeles Book Festival
Winner - Cookbooks

San Francisco Book Festival
Winner - Best Cookbook

Linda Amendt's third cookbook, 400 Sensational Cookies, has received significant critical acclaim and has earned a number of book award honors.

The Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon Academy of the Culinary Arts announced the winners of the annual International Culinary Academy Awards, the culinary accolade of the 21st century. The Academy selected 400 Sensational Cookies as the winner of the Cookbook Academy Award for Best Baking Book.

The Mom’s Choice Awards® has named 400 Sensational Cookies among the Best in Family-Friendly Products. The Mom's Choice Awards® is known for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. 400 Sensational Cookies earned a Gold Medal Award in Cooking, Food & Wine.

It was chosen as the top book in the Baking/Bread and Desserts Book categories at both the International Book Awards and the National Best Books Awards, sponsored by USA Book News. 400 Sensational Cookies also received top cookbook honors at the London Book Festival, New York Book Festival, Los Angeles Book Festival, and San Francisco Book Festival.

400 Sensational Cookies is packed with delicious recipes and detailed chapters on ingredients, equipment and cookie-baking techniques sure to help everyone, from novice to experienced bakers, become great cookie bakers.



Accolades for 175 Best Jams,
Jellies, Marmalades &
Other Soft Spreads

Cordon d'Or - Gold Ribbon Academy of the Culinary Arts
International Culinary Academy Awards
Cookbook Academy Award Winner

National Best Books Awards
Winner - Canning & Preserving

International Book Awards
Winner – Canning & Preserving


175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads, Linda Amendt’s second home canning cookbook, was awarded a prestigious International Culinary Academy Award for Cookbooks, the Culinary Accolade of the 21st Century, by the Cordon d'Or - Gold Ribbon Academy of the Culinary Arts. It was also chosen as the top book in the Canning & Preserving category at the National Best Books Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

Appreciated by home canners everywhere, 175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads focuses exclusively on all manner of new and exciting varieties and flavors of wonderful soft spreads that have uses far beyond being spread on breakfast toast.



Accolades for
Blue Ribbon Preserves

IACP Cookbook Awards Finalist

Blue Ribbon Preserves: Secrets to Award-Winning Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & More, Linda Amendt's first cookbook, was chosen by the International Association Of Culinary Professionals (IACP) as a finalist for the

IACP Cookbook Awards
Julia Child Award - First Book

Blue Ribbon Preserves became an instant hit with home canners everywhere. It is a comprehensive home canning cookbook with recipes ranging from soft spreads to fruit, vegetables, sauces, pickles, vinegars and even ice cream toppings, it also reveals insider secrets to winning awards in state and county fair competitions.