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Award-Winning Cookbook Author

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175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads

Table of Contents:

Soft Spread Basics
Canning Made Easy

Single-Fruit Jams
Mixed-Fruit Jams
Preserves & Conserves
Butters & Curds
Savory Spreads
Drunken Spreads

Creative Gift-Giving
Common Spread Problems
Home Canning Resources

A Selection of the Recipes in 175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads

Single-Fruit Jams
Caramel Apple
Almond Apricot
Cherry Pie
Summertime Peach Vanilla Bean

Mixed-Fruit Jams
Apricot Raspberry
Blueberry Lemon
Peach Blackberry
Pear Lime
Plum Cherry
Strawberry Pineapple

Apple Cider
Apricot Peach
Blueberry Blackberry
Candy Apple
Cranberry Raspberry
Strawberry Kiwi

Apricot Pineapple
Citrus Trio
Grapefruit Lime
Lemon Lime

Preserves & Conserves
Apple Pear Preserves
Blueberry Apricot Preserves
Cherry Almond Preserves
Apple Raisin Conserve
Apricot Cranberry Conserve
Peach Cocktail Conserve

Butters & Curds
Apricot Plum Butter
Peach Orange Butter
Pear Apple Butter
Grapefruit Curd
Lemon Curd
Orange Juice Curd

Savory Spreads
Raspberry Jalapeño Jam
Red Pepper Jam
Tomato Basil Jam
Apple Sage Jelly
Lime Mint Jelly
Three Onion Marmalade

Drunken Spreads
Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon Jam
Cherry Brandy Jam
Strawberry Daiquiri Jam
Margarita Jelly
Piña Colada Jelly
Orange Jack Marmalade


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175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads

Written by
Linda J. Amendt

One of America's Best and Most Creative
Jam and Jelly Makers

International Culinary Academy Awards Winner!

photograph by Ignacio Urquiza
Cordon d'Or - Gold Ribbon
Academy of the Culinary Arts

International Culinary Academy Awards

The Culinary Accolade of the 21st Century

Accolades for 175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades
& Other Soft Spreads

Cordon d'Or - Gold Ribbon Academy of the Culinary Arts
International Culinary Academy Awards
Cookbook Academy Award Winner

International Book Awards
Winner - Best Canning & Preserving Book

National Best Books Awards
Winner - Best Canning & Preserving Book

Welcome to the wonderful world of homemade jams,
jellies and soft spreads!

For home canners, the term "jam session" has its own special meaning!

Of all the different types of preserves that home canners make, jams and jellies are by far the most common and most popular. Along with other soft spreads – marmalades, preserves, conserves, butters and curds – jams and jellies are the mainstays of the home canning kitchen and the fastest and easiest
preserves to master.

The intense fresh flavor, wonderful texture, beautiful color, tantalizing aroma, and superior quality of a well-made homemade spread will outshine a store-bought spread every time. The difference between the two is truly amazing. A store-bought spread cannot hold a candle to a jam or jelly you make at home where you hand select the fruit and ingredients for the spread and add a little love to every jar.

New and Creative Recipes

This bountiful collection of recipes in 175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads includes some classic flavors along with an extensive selection of new recipes I created just for this book.

One of the newest canning trends that has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years is the blending of fruit flavors in soft spreads. Many of the recipes in 175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads are delicious combination jams and spreads pairing two or more fruit flavors into delightful and delectable creations. These recipes are carefully designed to balance the individual fruit flavors and other ingredients to create wonderful combinations where each flavor shines through without overpowering the other ingredients and creates a delicious spread.

In 175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads you will discover lots of delicious recipes for sweet spreads, savory spreads, and even some tasty concoctions containing liqueurs.

Most of the recipes in 175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads utilize commercial pectins to produce amazing spreads with intense fruit flavor, lovely aromas, silky texture, and beautiful color. Commercial pectins are also a great time saver, eliminating the hot and weary task of standing over pots of boiling fruit and sugar for long periods of time. They also eliminate the common problem of overcooking the spread mixture and make canning homemade soft spreads easy and accessible to anyone. Because the jam, jelly or other spread is cooked for just a short time, the full flavor of the fresh fruit really shines through in the finished product.

Special Features Include:

      •  Extensive and easy-to-understand information on the use of canning equipment

      •  A handy step-by-step canning guide to help you can and process soft spreads
         with ease and confidence

      •  A troubleshooting guide to solve common soft spread problems

      •  Suggestions for creative gift-giving

Perfect for Beginning and Experienced Canners

The detailed chapters Soft Spread Basics and Canning Made Easy provide in-depth information on ingredients, canning equipment, and a thorough explanation of the process of home-canning soft spreads. These chapters are beneficial for experienced home canners and extremely helpful for those who are new to home canning and making soft spreads.

Anyone with an interest in making homemade soft spreads, whether an experienced canner or a novice making their first few batches of jam, can create incredible jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves, conserves, butters, and curds by following the straightforward recipes, clear instructions and special techniques in 175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads.

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All rights reserved